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Tools Required for Dental Extraction

Dentists require numerous tools to implement simple procedures. That being said, emergency tooth extractions in West Chester are not simple. Even the best of dentists might require a list of the equipment they might require. So, whether you are a dentist, a dental assistant, or a patient, continue reading this article for a complete list of tools used for dental extractions.

Set-Up For Simple Extractions

The procedure of simple extractions is relatively simple. Since the tooth is visible to the dentist, all they have to do is loosen the tooth before pulling to from your gum. Therefore, only two tools are required for this procedure and they are:

·    An elevator

·    Extraction forceps

Set-Up For Surgical Extractions

Whether the dental assistant is preparing for a simple extraction or a surgical extraction, they will have to prepare a full extraction tray. The University of California, San Diego Pre-Dental Society (UCSD) suggests the following things to be present in a dental tray for tooth extraction.

·    Small cotton rolls

·    Anesthesia or topical numbing agent

·    Anesthesia needle

·    Syringe

emergency tooth extractions in West Chester

·    Mirror

·    Explorer

·    Periosteal elevator

·    Small elevator

·    Large elevator

·    Surgical curette

·    Forceps

·    Gauze

There’s no need to be intimidated by the large number of tools available on the dental tray. Each tool has a very small role to play in surgical tooth extraction. However, these small roles are necessary enough to not allow negating any tools.

The dental assistant must sterilize every tool before and after extraction. This is crucial to maintain hygiene and prevent bacterial exchange between patients.

Wrapping Up

Regardless of the intensity and complexity of an emergency extraction case, a dental assistant must prepare a complete dental extraction tray. This tray consists of a large variety of tools, each of which has a specific small yet significant role to play.

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