5 Dangers of Living Alone for Seniors

As we grow old, things that once were simple become difficult if not impossible for us to do. We hate the idea of asking other people for help, especially if that potentially means we’ll go to a nursing home. However, these days seniors have far more options than a nursing home, including assisted living care in Draper, UT.

Seniors who can live at home should not do so without care from the outside. With outside help, seniors can live long, healthy lives at home with love from family and friends included in the agenda. Seniors can injure themselves in so many ways, hence the added need for someone to help care for seniors.

What are dangers that face seniors at home who live alone?

1.    Social Isolation: Isolation is a big problem for seniors when their kids have lives of their own and perhaps spouses have passed away. Isolation leads to loneliness, depression, anxiety, and even health problems.

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2.    Slips and Falls: A slip and fall accident can be very scary for a senior. When they fall at home alone, the dangers become even more adamant. This is a big reason seniors need extra care from the outside.

3.    Cooking/Meal Prep: Preparing food is not easy for all seniors. But we all need to eat. Seniors may bun themselves while cooking but that’s only one of the many dangers that come in the kitchen.

4.    Medication: A senior may forget to take their medicine or even worse, may take too much medicine. It is not easy to remember things like we did at a young age and this can be dangerous where medication is concerned.

5.    Medical Emergencies: A medical emergency can be detrimental to a senior who lives at home alone, just like a slip and fall accident, which can fall into this same category.